Saturday, November 22, 2014

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“Was that soy turkey?”
A little about soy, tofu, soy milk

Soy is a light colored bean.  Yes, it is a legume.  That means a ‘dry’ bean that has been harvested, allowed to dehydrate, then shipped to market for use. (In other words, there are no feathers, skin, or innards!)

Some basic characteristics and principles observed in FoodPhysics and BodyDynamics™ 1. that can be used to enhance health when consuming soy products:

·      Soy is bitter flavored.  This means that it will innervate most of the organs in the torso before reaching the leaving the mouth.2.
·      Soy is a food source that is high in phospholipids (plant fat/oil) rather than animal fats.
·      Soy is a large molecule, meaning that it takes more of our digestive function to ‘break’ the molecular bond in the food particle into usable parts.
·      Soy milk often does not get salivated enough to be digested properly, since almost all carbohydrates must be engulfed in salivate that contains enzymes to be utilized by our body. TIP: Swish soy milk around in your mouth before swallowing.
·      When soy is not cooked well and/or prepared properly, it can create gas in the stomach and intestines.
·      Soy products spoil quickly in the presence of oxygen.
·      When removed from the refrigerator, soy products are best when they have been heated. TIP: This reduces unwanted bacterial growth that may have developed during storage and also begins the molecular breakdown that is necessary to metabolize.
·      Soy, being a plant/legume/bean is a carbohydrate food.  It will digest and be used more quickly than animal proteins, provided it is prepared and eaten properly.
·      There are several types of packaging of tofu. One is in a sealed container with water that is often found in the produce section coolers. Another is in an aseptic, sealed box that does not require refrigeration until purchased and opened for use.
·      Tofu blocks that are packaged in water, must be used upon opening or they may be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container with fresh water. It is best to change the water daily until use of the remaining tofu.

  1. FoodPhysics and BodyDynamics™ observes the color of food and its association with a specific organ system.  White foods tend to most strongly affect the lungs.
  2. Each flavor, first experienced on the tongue, sends nerve signals to organs in the torso and tissues. In this case, bitter flavor moves downward and toward the core, making it a good choice when wanting to keep from belching upwards.

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