Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why Am I Promoting a Paleo Cookbook On FP&BD?


What is Digestive Fire?

Many people have asked if Paleo is really the best diet for humans. Yet, the Question is the issue here not the diet.

Throughout my clinical experience and years of teaching clients how to change the health based on food selection, I have come to the conclusion: there is no best diet.

When beginning a class, before passing mirrors out to the members, I ask everyone to stop for a moment and gaze around the room at the amazing variation of people in the room. Keep in mind some of these classes are filled with people who have a specific health issue in common, such as cancer, obesity, premenstrual and peri-menopausal symptoms or insomnia.

The one item they all have in common is that they eat and to live must continue to eat. This is where we begin to make the change happen.

Paleo diets, while heavy into animal proteins, can be especially beneficial when building blood and tissue, require you have a vigorous digestive 'fire'. We talked about 'fire' in the latest email to our list subscribers.

Digestive fire is essential to breakdown the DNA chain in the muscle and tissue used for energy in a Paleo diet. What is digestive fire? Gastric Acid, composed of Hydrochloric Acid aka HCl, and a small amount of pepsin are produced the cells of our stomach lining. This means we do not start digesting food that is animal protein until it arrives in our stomach, where this caustic and acidic chemistry produced by our stomach can do its work.

So remember not to dilute your gastric fire with too much water, cool it with ice, or aggravate it by skipping meals, or eating an irregular intervals. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Color Me Hungry!

Five Color Principles to Food Selection

The next time you go grocery shopping or open the refrigerator door, stop and take a look at the COLORS.

Do you find more red foods, or do you open the crisper drawer to find lots of green, and very little yellow or orange?

Each color of food has a vibrational behavior along with the shape it has grown in appearance; a green stalk of broccoli, compared to a leaf of kale with a dusty green shade of color. We call this vibration action, the physics of a food. Rather than getting too analytic as we stand there over the vegetable counter at the grocer, we remember the flavor of each food, pick up the kale and bag it.

Do we know what just happened? We picked better eyesight over improved lung expression, and here you were thinking it was simply a matter of taste. There is a whole science over how to use food by the color and flavor that has been used for thousands of years. Recently, we have begun to refer to this science as food physics.

We can actually make food choices to alter and improve our body functions. While we could choose poorly and make selections with a less healthy outcome. We all know this at some level, so let's dispense with the guilt and get on with the learning.

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May you and yours..Be In Good Health!