Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Behavior as Symptoms of Energetic Imbalance-by Felice Dunas, PHd.

Behavior, how many people are aware imbalance of the yin [receptive energy] and yang [assertive energy] can cause relationships to slide into battles. Take time to read one of my favorite peers, Dr. Felice Dunas explain how this can happen. The really good news is there is almost always a way to find balance, which can be the catalyst for vibrant dynamic relationships.

When planning your gift giving, treat yourself and loved one to an acupuncture session. You can find a certified licensed acupuncturist in your zip code by searching the NCCAOM* website.

*National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine [NCCAOM]

May you and yours...Be In Good Health,

Laura L. Dawson, MAOM, Dipl.Ac.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


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Saturday, November 22, 2014

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“Was that soy turkey?”
A little about soy, tofu, soy milk

Soy is a light colored bean.  Yes, it is a legume.  That means a ‘dry’ bean that has been harvested, allowed to dehydrate, then shipped to market for use. (In other words, there are no feathers, skin, or innards!)

Some basic characteristics and principles observed in FoodPhysics and BodyDynamics™ 1. that can be used to enhance health when consuming soy products:

·      Soy is bitter flavored.  This means that it will innervate most of the organs in the torso before reaching the leaving the mouth.2.
·      Soy is a food source that is high in phospholipids (plant fat/oil) rather than animal fats.
·      Soy is a large molecule, meaning that it takes more of our digestive function to ‘break’ the molecular bond in the food particle into usable parts.
·      Soy milk often does not get salivated enough to be digested properly, since almost all carbohydrates must be engulfed in salivate that contains enzymes to be utilized by our body. TIP: Swish soy milk around in your mouth before swallowing.
·      When soy is not cooked well and/or prepared properly, it can create gas in the stomach and intestines.
·      Soy products spoil quickly in the presence of oxygen.
·      When removed from the refrigerator, soy products are best when they have been heated. TIP: This reduces unwanted bacterial growth that may have developed during storage and also begins the molecular breakdown that is necessary to metabolize.
·      Soy, being a plant/legume/bean is a carbohydrate food.  It will digest and be used more quickly than animal proteins, provided it is prepared and eaten properly.
·      There are several types of packaging of tofu. One is in a sealed container with water that is often found in the produce section coolers. Another is in an aseptic, sealed box that does not require refrigeration until purchased and opened for use.
·      Tofu blocks that are packaged in water, must be used upon opening or they may be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container with fresh water. It is best to change the water daily until use of the remaining tofu.

  1. FoodPhysics and BodyDynamics™ observes the color of food and its association with a specific organ system.  White foods tend to most strongly affect the lungs.
  2. Each flavor, first experienced on the tongue, sends nerve signals to organs in the torso and tissues. In this case, bitter flavor moves downward and toward the core, making it a good choice when wanting to keep from belching upwards.

Monday, November 3, 2014

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why Am I Promoting a Paleo Cookbook On FP&BD?


What is Digestive Fire?

Many people have asked if Paleo is really the best diet for humans. Yet, the Question is the issue here not the diet.

Throughout my clinical experience and years of teaching clients how to change the health based on food selection, I have come to the conclusion: there is no best diet.

When beginning a class, before passing mirrors out to the members, I ask everyone to stop for a moment and gaze around the room at the amazing variation of people in the room. Keep in mind some of these classes are filled with people who have a specific health issue in common, such as cancer, obesity, premenstrual and peri-menopausal symptoms or insomnia.

The one item they all have in common is that they eat and to live must continue to eat. This is where we begin to make the change happen.

Paleo diets, while heavy into animal proteins, can be especially beneficial when building blood and tissue, require you have a vigorous digestive 'fire'. We talked about 'fire' in the latest email to our list subscribers.

Digestive fire is essential to breakdown the DNA chain in the muscle and tissue used for energy in a Paleo diet. What is digestive fire? Gastric Acid, composed of Hydrochloric Acid aka HCl, and a small amount of pepsin are produced the cells of our stomach lining. This means we do not start digesting food that is animal protein until it arrives in our stomach, where this caustic and acidic chemistry produced by our stomach can do its work.

So remember not to dilute your gastric fire with too much water, cool it with ice, or aggravate it by skipping meals, or eating an irregular intervals. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Color Me Hungry!

Five Color Principles to Food Selection

The next time you go grocery shopping or open the refrigerator door, stop and take a look at the COLORS.

Do you find more red foods, or do you open the crisper drawer to find lots of green, and very little yellow or orange?

Each color of food has a vibrational behavior along with the shape it has grown in appearance; a green stalk of broccoli, compared to a leaf of kale with a dusty green shade of color. We call this vibration action, the physics of a food. Rather than getting too analytic as we stand there over the vegetable counter at the grocer, we remember the flavor of each food, pick up the kale and bag it.

Do we know what just happened? We picked better eyesight over improved lung expression, and here you were thinking it was simply a matter of taste. There is a whole science over how to use food by the color and flavor that has been used for thousands of years. Recently, we have begun to refer to this science as food physics.

We can actually make food choices to alter and improve our body functions. While we could choose poorly and make selections with a less healthy outcome. We all know this at some level, so let's dispense with the guilt and get on with the learning.

Ask Sofi, she loves to answer your questions about food color and flavor! and sign up for our FREE Wellness Tips & Tools

May you and yours..Be In Good Health!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A simple meal can become a great symphony; all the flavor touching signals in our brain, communicating with our body systems.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tongue Fu! SUPER BOWL SUNDAY in the USA 2014

Tip-O-The-Tongue       2-2-2014 SUPER BOWL SUNDAY IN USA!

Imagine the game is about to begin, you have all the chips, wings, carrots and celery, all lined up and nobody is making any moves.

You immediately put principles of Food Physics & Body Dynamics to work to bring your party to life. You add some spicy favored food (also moves energy in the body upward and outward while acting on the lungs to cause strong exhalation) to the table and add a little sweet flavors in carrots and beverages (moves upward, outward, and warming while acting on the spleen, stomach, and pancreas); suddenly everyone has got the urge to express themselves. Their tongues are stimulated and the conversations are too. People are beginning to chatter and even giggle. Everybody is beginning to mix and mingle.

That is the power of using principles nested in science and residing in the foods we are consuming every day. Using lessons learned in Food Physics & Body Dynamics, you will begin to understand the direction and force of energy within your own body and foods you choose to consume.

Choice is one of the primary values our country originally was established under; the right to choose.  Even more important is the knowledge and wisdom to make the best choice. 
Tip-O-The-Tongue is here to save the day!

A Super Bowl Dip
16 oz. of your favorite quality melting cheese
A 14.5 oz. can of organic tomatoes
Season with each of these spices:
·         1 gram cinnamon powder
·         1 gram dried ginger powder
·         ½ gram ground nutmeg powder
Herbal functions are used for the following outcomes:
Cinnamon1 releases the fluid from lungs by releasing oxygen radicals through the surface via our skin.
Ginger2, like cinnamon will cause the pores in your skin to open and release a nearly unnoticeable sweat. This reduces the burden on the lungs, particularly in cold weather. Ginger is more warming than cinnamon and will affect the digestion more directly.
Nutmeg3 used sparingly will warm and improve digestion, and has a tendency to freely circulate energy within the body, thereby relieve any pain due to stagnation and cold. A cautionary note, it is a hallucinogen in doses of 7.5 grams of the powered herb. Deaths in larger doses have been reported.

 1.        1. Antibiotic effect: Decoctions of Ramulus Cinnamomi Cassiae (gui zhi) have shown a strong inhibitory effect against such organisms as Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhi, and n inhibiting effect in vitro against Asian flu virus A and ECHO virus. Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica, Revised Edition, Eastland Press, Seattle, WA 1993

2.       2. Treatment of bacillary dysentery: Preparations of Rhizoma Zingiberis Officinalis Recens (sheng jiang) and brown sugar used in treating 50 patients with acute bacillary dysentery had a cure rate, within seven days, of 70%. Abdominal pain and tenesmus disappeared on the average of five days, the frequency of stool resumed its normal pattern on the average of five days and stool cultures were negative on the average of four days. No side effects were noted.  Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica, Revised Edition, Eastland Press, Seattle, WA 1993

3.      3.  Rou Dou Kou, Semen Myristicae Fragranticis, Nutmeg Seeds, Warms the Spleen and Stomach, circulates the Qi and reduces pain. The Chinese Herb Selection Guide, A Traditional and Modern Clinical Repertory with A summary Materia Medica for the Health Care Practitioner, Printed by Phytotech Databased Publishing Co, Richmond, CA 1997

1.      So the combination of warming herbs with flavors of these spices, will cause the body energy to move upward and outward, making conversation easier and more stimulated.
Dipping with carrots, a sweet flavored food, you can double the punch.
Or serve with sweet flavored beverages.

And don’t forget to watch the game, enjoy the commercials and make a few new friends, too.
Laura L Dawson, MAOM, DiplAc
The Spirit of
Food Physics & Body Dynamics llc

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tongue Wagging! Keeping your speech function healthy.

noun: aphasia
  1. 1.
    loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage.
mid 19th cent.: from Greek, from aphatos ‘speechless,’ from a- ‘not’ + phanai‘speak.’
Translate aphasia to
Use over time for: aphasia
(See above taken from the  GoogleSearch on January 18, 2014)

This week's blog is dedicated to the 'root' of our tongue, where the hypoglossal nerve is attached. Some people fail to recognize the multitude of functions that are managed by the tongue. In concert with nerves that stimulate and translate the data flow through our tongue's sensory tissue is a primary entry to our body. How amazing!

Our tongue translates chemistry into physics based on colors and flavors of foods. By a touch on the papilia (bumpy velvet like surface area) this valuable information is transferred into actions. According to principles of Food Physics & Body Dynamics, each flavor and color will target a specific area in our body; to cool, warm, moisten or dry.

This means in addition to the calories and energy to use for physical actions, we also receive internal signals and energy to each organ system.

What happens with the brain stops sending and receiving signals from the tongue? People are social creatures and not only is the function of the tongue to taste and translate nervous signal, it is also essential to communicate with others.

We learned in oriental medicine, there is an area at the back of the tongue where the hypoglossal nerve is attached that is primary in speech and in proper swallowing of food. It serves to keep the chewed foods from going into the lungs, keeping it on a track down the esophagus into our stomach.

So here is this week's Tip-O-The-Tongue! Taken from "The Complete System of Self-Healing, Internal Exercises, by Dr. Stephen T. Chang,  In a section on exercises for the mouth he writes, "To keep the heart healthy and insure the continuing strength of the salivary glands into old age, Taoists devised the Tone and Saliva Exercise. The literal English translation of this exercise is: 'The Red Dragon dances over the ocean to make the wind, rain and clouds.' (The Red Dragon is the tongue and the ocean is the saliva.) This one sentence captures the exercise's ability to wash out and clean the mouth and teeth and stimulate the heart." Dr. Chang did not include other sources who have used this exercise to stimulate the root of the tongue and improve the signal exchange from the nerve, calling it the Golden Elixir. There is yet another reason to use this exercise. It has been claimed to assist in the efficient digestion of foods when practiced just before sitting down to a meal. This assures the proper amount of quality saliva is available to surround the food particles before traveling on to the stomach.

Here are the steps:
  1. Roll your tongue around the inside of your mouth and across your gums and teeth. Use your tongue as you would a toothbrush.
  2. As you roll your tongue around your mouth, saliva will be secreted by the salivary glands. Do not swallow it, but allow it to collect until you have a mouthful of saliva.
  3. Swish the saliva around as if you were using a mouthwash. Wash the entire inside of your mouth including the gums and in between the teeth.
  4. Divide the saliva into three equal parts and swallow each part separately and slowly until your mouth is clear. As you swallow it feel it descend to your stomach. You may begin to feel the energy which the "Heavenly Water" brings to your stomach. 
Drop me a note if you have been using this as a post-stroke therapy and share your stories of success. 

May you and yours...Be In Good Health.
Laura L Dawson, Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Diplomate of Acupuncture